Zhongke.CTUNITE NB-IoT ultra-low power "plug and play" image recognition module put into commercial use

Zhongke.CTUNITE developed a cloud-to-end "plug and play" NB smart water module based on open CPU, which has been put into commercial use

Zhongke CT-UNITE team launched the first IoT device installation tester

CT-UNITE proposes to accelerate the promotion of 5G+ industry integration ecological construction in the western region

CTUNITE assists the intelligent lighting project in poor mountain areas

CT-UNITE team based on FH-SS adaptive frequency hopping cellular networking technology to achieve lossless transmission of 95% of 1km WIFI throughput

Zhongke launches Alpha WIFI6 + high-end router, focusing on commercial office and professional gamers

Zhongke launched the CT-M201 ultra-low-power NB chip module solution. In actual applications, the current is only 60% of the same industry!

Industrial Internet - Microwave Smart Factory Test Solution