SiP Advanced Packaging

Design, Production, and AIoT Solutions


Core business

Sip system level packaging

The economic advantages of Moore's Law have disappeared, and the company's team is deeply involved in SIP packaging technology and system level software development, providing customers with miniaturized, low-power, low-cost, and high-performance IoT module solutions.

Wafer layout diagram

Wafer layout diagram

SDR module after SiP encapsulation-1
SDR module after SiP encapsulation-2

SDR module after SiP encapsulation

open OS

Open OS&Cloud Programming OS cloud programming technology is an open OS model based on Bloom programming language technology and developed by the Zhongke OS software team for many years. This OS model provides an intelligent hardware management platform for B-end IoT enterprises with open source and free cloud programming.

open OS

Application case

Focusing on advanced RF SiP packaging technology, open CPU technology, AIoT, and cloud programming technology, the IoT core software platform provides low-cost, lightweight, and reliable AIoT solutions for the new generation of information technology enterprises.

Intelligent manufacturing

Conquer advanced SiP packaging technology and create a high-end intelligent manufacturing demonstration line.

Invention patent

Obtained multiple SiP system level packaging preparation and process invention patents.
A processing device for semiconductor device processing
A Clamping Device for IC Packaging Process
A Burning Device for Chip Processing
A Grinding Device for Wafer Processing
A Processing Device Based on Semiconductor Devices
A power adapter circuit
A semi-automatic cycle cleaning device for semiconductor components
A MiniLED Driver Circuit
Positioning mechanism of chip intelligent inspection machine
Zhongke Alpha Technology Computer Software Patent
Integrated Circuit Chip and 5G Microwave Antenna Design Quality Certification European Nuclear Power Gateway Certification
Intellectual Property (Appendix)
National Integrated Circuit Design Invention Patent Certificate

News information

Zhongke.CTUNITE NB-IoT ultra-low power "plug and play" image recognition module put into commercial use

Zhongke.CTUNITE developed a cloud-to-end "plug and play" NB smart water module based on open CPU, which has been put into commercial use

Zhongke CT-UNITE team launched the first IoT device installation tester

About us

Guangxi Zhongke Alpha Technology Co., Ltd. is a military integrated enterprise. In October 2021, one of the China ASEAN Digital Economy Industrial Parks was officially put into operation, focusing on the new generation of information technology (SiP advanced packaging technology, open CPU technology, Aiot and cloud programming technology, etc.), providing low-cost, lightweight, and reliable IoT middleware and core platform enterprises for IoT enterprises. Resolve the issue.